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This week’s blog is a bit of a departure.  One half of the Food Flippers team had surgery this week and the other half has not had time for much cooking given all the activity surrounding said surgery.  No worries however, all turned out fine and Food Flipper Cas is healing fine.  I’ll be back cooking next week with another new Food Flipper recipe, I promise.


In the meantime, I’d use this today’s blog to chat about something that has been on my mind for a good long while in relation to food and how we all go about our lives of eating.  Many of us have been lying to ourselves for a while now and our noses are getting so long it’s apparent we need to stop the madness.


I’m referring to our incessant need to diet and eat healthier.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to live a healthier lifestyle that will promote longevity and less physical issues.  I underwent bariatric surgery in 2012 for that exact purpose and there is 200 pounds less of me.  I’m eternally grateful and while that first 200 pounds came off easily and I still need to lose more, I can live with that.  What I cannot and will not do any longer are the following food fallacies.  I request that you reconsider these as well.


Five Food Fallacies That Are Harming More Than Helping:


  1. Using real butter is wrong. WRONG.  It’s been proven that using real butter is not as harmful as once considered.  There are 4 grams of fat in 1 tablespoon of butter.  Substitutes for butter are full of chemicals that are far more harmful than a pat of real, creamy, delicious butter.  I only use unsalted butter and have for years.  I have been able to maintain the same weight for about four years now give or take 5-10 pounds.  My blood work says my LDL and HDL numbers are good.

  1. Fat-free, low-fat anything is better for you. WRONG. Again, chemicals are replaced by the ingredients that most dieters are trying to get away from.  Once the fat and calories are removed, they have to replace those things with something to make it edible.  We have little understanding of what those replacements are and the effect they will have on our bodies over a long period of time.  First of all, it all tastes like garbage and second of all, just eat less but enjoy the real thing.

  1. Sugar-free, sugar substitutes are better. WRONG. Unless you are a diabetic, no one should be drinking or eating any kind of sugar substitute.  Lab rats everywhere have developed cancer and died.  That means lay down the diet cokes (pipe down, I can hear you yelling at me through the internet waves.), and all the other sugar-free whatevers.  Chemicals.  If you are diabetic, I’m so very sorry.  I would not wish diabetes on my enemy.  Work with your doctor to determine just how much sugar you can have and enjoy one bite of something real over a whole box of chemical-laden whatever.  The real joy comes in the very first bite or sip of anything any way. Diet coke drinkers, I’m sorry.  Drink more water or find a new beverage not riddled with chemicals to consume all day.  Your kidneys will thank you.


  1. This is a cauliflower. It’s not: rice, pizza crust, pasta, potatoes or bread.  Just stop.  People want to substitute cauliflower for other starches because there are less carbs.  There are 29 carbs in one medium head of cauliflower. One cup of rice has 45 carbs while one cup of cauliflower has 5.  A marked difference YES, but here’s the thing.  While it may have less carbs, if you eat large portions you are defeating the purpose of dieting which is taking in LESS food.  It’s not a vehicle to eat more simply because it has less bad things that cause you to gain weight.  If you continue to overeat, your body is not going to turn lose of the fat it is storing.  Therefore, if you want to cut carbs – fine – but stop acting like cauliflower is pizza crust.  It’s not.  It doesn’t taste like it nor is it really satisfying in that role.  Eat it the way it was intended – as a lovely vegetable roasted in a 400 degree oven with some olive oil and great seasonings.  It’s delicious.


  1. Alternative food products to replace real food – i.e. tofu (soy bean curd), seitan (made from wheat-gluten), etc. These things are very popular in the Vegan and Vegetarian world.  They are supposed to replace meat for those that feel eating meat is not good.  I will not argue with someone who feels eating something with a heartbeat goes against their moral fundamentals.  What I will argue is the need to use these products in their food preparations.  I hear all the time from all my vegan friends (I have several) that it will take on the flavor of whatever you put with it.  While that may be so, I’d rather just do without.  I’ve tried these food alternatives and I can honestly say doing without is a better option.  Eat your veggies, eat your beans, take your vitamins and use protein shakes to get what your body is going to miss out on by eating meat.  If you LIKE tofu and other meat substitutes, great.  Just stop telling everyone you are having chicken fried tofu.  It’s not chicken and if it’s fried, guess what?  Frying is still considered unhealthy regardless of whether it’s a piece of real chicken or cubes of tofu made to look like a chicken nugget.
Tofu and Seitan – this is not chicken, beef or pork. Doesn’t taste like it either.

I’ll end my rant here but one last thought.  Life is short.  We must take care of the bodies we are given.  I will never tell anyone they are wrong for trying to do that.  What I am saying is that we have all spent a lot of time denying ourselves real food in the guise of being healthier.  We’ve ingested chemicals and sub-par food items all in the name of good health.  Think back to our ancestors.  They grew most of their food and had animals they used for their meat supply.  The majority of them were not overweight and lived long lives.  There’s a reason for that.  They grew organic before we even knew what that word meant.  Their animals were fed in such a way that the meat was also organic.  I think if we get smarter about what’s in our food, and develop a better relationship with it, we’d lose weight and keep ourselves healthier AND it would all taste so much better!


Eat real food, live long and prosper.


2 thoughts on “Your Nose Knows

  1. Judy Countz Reply

    I totally agree with you Tracey !! Great blog !! Glad to hear all went well with the surgery.

    1. Cheryl ARMSTRONG Reply

      I am trying to learn how to use & then enjoy this blog. So that’s my disclaimer for responding 30 days after the post.
      You are so on point with the diet myths. If a person is a authentic vegetarian, I can’t fathom how it is they fashion food choices claiming it is similar to carnivore choices.

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