There’s a New Spud in Town

The Story:   Given this coming Sunday is Easter, Food Flippers will be taking the day off to spend time with our family. No worries however, we will share an oldie but goodie for you to revisit but hope you will also spend the day with your friends and family. When I think of Easter,Read More

Lettuce Live with Peas and Hominy

The Story:   We’ve pretty much spent the last several months focusing on flips – recipes that start out in some other variation or form – made over in a new way.  This week I decided to focus on the “making the old, new again” portion of our blog.   Hominy.  Most of us areRead More

Happy Sweet and Sour Stir Fry

The Story:   On Wednesday’s blog we featured Grumpy Man Foods and their delicious line of salsa’s and pepper jelly.  As promised, our flip today is using one of Grumpy Man’s products.  I chose their pepper jelly which has become my new favorite.   Thus far I’ve used it for a dipping sauce, jelly onRead More

Puerto Rican Possums and Tater Queens

    The Story:  As the great Louis Armstrong sang: “You say pah-tay-tow, I say pah-tay-tah, You say tah-may-tow, I say tah-may-tah, Pah-tay-tow, pah-tay-tah, Tah-may-tow, tah-may-tah, Let’s call the whole thing off!”   UNLESS you’re from southern Mississippi and its taters and maters.  Regardless of how you pronounce it, Thanksgiving brings forth the sweet potatoRead More