Cafeteria Memories

Unlike Cas, I attended a very small elementary school.  There were probably 200 kids in the whole 1-6 give or take a few.  I have many fond memories of elementary school days.  Some of my favorite teachers come from those times and a few set me on the creative path I am now living.  IRead More

Jellied Cranberry Sauce – Don’t Get Bogged Down

The Story: We are a week away from my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  Growing up I couldn’t wait to get Thanksgiving over so we could head straight for the sparkle of Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love the sparkle of Christmas, just ask Cas, but over the past ten years or so Thanksgiving hasRead More

A Field of Onions

The Story: Growing up in southeast Mississippi, a common occurrence in early spring was the planting of the garden. My Dad, whom everyone called Pete, had the biggest green thumb around. If someone’s harvest didn’t produce as well or much, people came over to find if he had any for sell. He usually did andRead More