Datil Be the Day

  The Story: We want to thank all of our readers and friends over the past four months of Food Flippers for reading, sharing and showing us love on this journey of good eats.  We started this as a way to share our love and passion for all things food and to have fun doingRead More

A blast from the future: What a kitchen of the future looked like in the 1950’s

It’s fun to come across and article or a vintage TV show that talks about what the future would have been like for persons of that era. So for your viewing pleasure, we bring you a couple of short films. The first is called, “Design for the Future” and is from 1956. The second isRead More

Sticky Stax in a Jiff-y

  The Story: At the time of this writing, it’s Tuesday.  I woke up this morning thinking of making something different for brunch.  I have the luxury at this point in my life to have brunch most days with Cas once he is done with his morning show.  By this time, he has already workedRead More

Why is John Hoppin’?

The Story: Regardless of where we all grew up, there are certain traditions of the area that have always been practiced.  I bet if you asked someone, they would probably not know the exact why behind the tradition and would respond with the customary, “It’s just something we’ve always done.”  So it is with eatingRead More

Flipping Over the New Year

Tracey is taking a week off from writing, so that allows me a chance to share a bit… We had a relaxing Christmas day. We loaded Mom in the car and did some travelling through the pine belt of Southern Mississippi. Got a chance to take her to some places that even at the ageRead More

It’s a flipping party!

The Story: We have officially entered the time of the year I like to refer to as “holiday party zone.”  Between holiday potlucks at work, church, school and then family and friend gatherings, the whole month is stacked with party opportunities which mean one thing – many eating opportunities.  (We won’t discuss the calories orRead More

Backroads and Burgers – Living Between the Dash

One of the many gifts of living is meeting people along the journey. Cas and I made a joint decision back in early 2013 to move to a small town of about 8,000 people to help my middle sister care for our elderly mother.  We’re city people and we make no bones about that fact. Read More