Flipped Out Casserole Appetizers

Life is busy.  It’s busy enough with work, church, school, taking care of home, family, etc., but every now and again life gets REALLY busy.  Silly, stupid busy.  You begin to lose sleep and worry how you’ll meet all your responsibilities.  Even the ones you have imposed upon yourself, such as writing a weekly foodRead More

Cheese Balls Are Grate!

The Story: We are now less than a week away from Christmas Day.  This month we have been blogging on party foods.  Don’t worry, come January we’ll be blogging on healthy recipes to work off some of these treats we’ve been noshing on, but for now, the party’s not over so today I want toRead More

The (Sausage) Ball’s in Your Court

The Story: It’s only Wednesday and the week has already been packed to the point that Food Flippers did not post our normal Wednesday blog.  Hopefully this easy flip will make up for it.  I’m already guaranteeing that it will! You can’t have the holidays or a party any time of the year and notRead More

Putting on the Grits

The Story: I have spent much of the past ten years trying to convince Cas that grits are a valid and worthy food group.  While grits tend to be something people of the south truly love and still eat, grits are sold in other areas of the country.  Cas grew up in the Midwest, St.Read More