Colonial Custard with a Tart in the Dining Room

                                                 + The Story: Remember the board game Clue®?  It was my favorite board game growing up and I always wanted to be Miss Scarlet.  My version was from the 70’s andRead More

A Match Made in Food Heaven

The Story:   We’re back after a nice break for Easter.  We were especially blessed to spend Easter weekend with Cas’ brother and sister-in-law visiting from Arizona.  They got to play guinea pigs for a new cake experiment and I think the results proved pretty good.   Recently I saved a recipe from another foodRead More

Happy Easter from Food Flippers

As mentioned in Wednesday’s blog, we are taking the day off to celebrate Easter and spend time with Cas’ brother and his wife visiting from Arizona.  We wanted to take a minute to wish all our Christian friends a blessed Easter Sunday and all our Jewish friends a good Passover.  Make today count whether youRead More

Stop the Mousse in Its Tracks

The Story:   Rarely am I caught off guard on things, especially special occasions and events.  I’m a planner so I start making a list of things that need to happen weeks before the actual day arrives.   Wednesday was Valentine’s Day and also Ash Wednesday.  Cas and I normally do not do Valentine’s DayRead More

Stoke Your Passions with Cherry Cake

The Story:   It’s a brand new year and the perfect time to try new recipes.  Today’s blog features a classic recipe from the UK’s very own Mary Berry.  If you do not know who she is, check our blog  I have come to adore Mary and today’s recipe was one featured as aRead More

Puerto Rican Possums and Tater Queens

    The Story:  As the great Louis Armstrong sang: “You say pah-tay-tow, I say pah-tay-tah, You say tah-may-tow, I say tah-may-tah, Pah-tay-tow, pah-tay-tah, Tah-may-tow, tah-may-tah, Let’s call the whole thing off!”   UNLESS you’re from southern Mississippi and its taters and maters.  Regardless of how you pronounce it, Thanksgiving brings forth the sweet potatoRead More