Let Them Eat Cake Pie!

The Story:   Recently we were discussing food items that we love but had not seen on a menu in ages.  Boston Cream Pie was one that we both brought up.  This got me to thinking that I needed to revisit this little jewel and give my hand a try at making one.  I willRead More

A Match Made in Food Heaven

The Story:   We’re back after a nice break for Easter.  We were especially blessed to spend Easter weekend with Cas’ brother and sister-in-law visiting from Arizona.  They got to play guinea pigs for a new cake experiment and I think the results proved pretty good.   Recently I saved a recipe from another foodRead More

Stoke Your Passions with Cherry Cake

The Story:   It’s a brand new year and the perfect time to try new recipes.  Today’s blog features a classic recipe from the UK’s very own Mary Berry.  If you do not know who she is, check our blog  http://foodflippers.net/bit-brit-miss-sip/.  I have come to adore Mary and today’s recipe was one featured as aRead More

Veteran’s Day 2017

The Story: While our goal is to keep this blog fun and useful, there are occasions that require a more serious note.  Nothing is more serious than war, apart from death, which usually go hand-in-hand.  Yesterday, November 11th, we celebrated and remembered those men and women who bravely gave their lives or continue to protectRead More