Nice Buns!!

It is daunting at times to be married with someone who oozes creativity at all times. I’m good and the nuts and bolts when it comes to the blog and social media, but creativity in the kitchen is not a strong suit, so I go to the internet and find out that today is “National Sticky Bun Day”. We have no idea who came up with this idea, but it certainly sounds like a good one to me.

The sticky bun, not to be confused with it’s cousins the Cinnamon Roll and Monkey Bread, has it’s origins in Germany. It made it to the states in the 1800’s, especially Pennsylvania who claim it as it’s own. One of it’s distinctive markings is that the pan is lined with whatever goodness your planning as a topping; syrup, honey, nuts, butter, etc. After baking you flip the pan over and the bottom becomes the top.

I would always suggest that one use a homemade recipe for any kind of cooking, but some of y’all are not into baking, So for your viewing pleasure, here is a video of how prepackaged sticky buns would look. Am not promising a flip here, but perhaps Tracey will read my blog today and get some ideas….;–)

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