Flipped Out Food

We’ve really flipped this time!


Let’s talk weird food combinations. We all know of some. Lately I’ve heard about the local snow cone stand coming out with a dill pickle snow cone for the summer. Eeeoww. I love dill pickles but not in my snow cone. What about peanut butter on a hamburger? Peanut butter and bologna? In fact, peanut butter and pickles seem to get elected for weird food combinations frequently


Recently a family friend gave Mom a salad recipe to try. I use the term salad loosely because it’s not like any salad I’ve ever heard of. Honestly I immediately nixed it and didn’t think much about it but Mom kept hounding me to give it a go. Being the dutiful daughter that I am, I warned Cas that I was going to make “the weird salad” one night for dinner but I had other things planned in case it was so bad we’d at least not go hungry. (Like that is ever a possibility at our house!)

The whole time I’m putting this salad together I’m thinking what a waste of good food. I’ll admit it was easy and looked pretty in the bowl. Naturally I had to sneak a spoonful before placing it on the dining table. HOLD UP! Wait, whatcha talkin’ bout Willis? I took another spoonful just to be sure….yep. It actually tasted great! How is that even possible?? Needless to say, my other two diners agreed and that bowl was empty when it got loaded in the dishwasher. Wonders never cease! When I tell you the ingredients you are going to shake your head no, but trust this former non-believer. You will want to make it at least once a week and during the summer when tomatoes are fresh, no reason not to. Skip that dill pickle snow cone and head straight for this dish!

The Flip:

The notion that this would be good is flip enough. You just do not put this combination together – at least I do not. Word of caution, it’s a dish to eat the day you make it. Not great as a leftover and it will be evident why.

Ready for the ingredients? Here you go!

The Recipe: Tomato Cracker Salad


3-4 ripe tomatoes peeled and cut into chunks
½ c. diced sweet pickles (I use my homemade sweet pickles but you could use relish if that’s easier)
1 sleeve saltine crackers (more if you like it more cracker-y)
½ c. or a little more of your favorite mayo – in this house it’s Blue Plate
1 t. Tony’s seasonings (or your favorite seasoning)
1 t. black pepper


1. Peel and cube tomatoes and place in a bowl.
2. Dice pickles finely, place in bowl.
3. Season with Tony’s and black pepper, stir to combine.
4. Lightly crush sleeve of crackers – not finely just break them up a bit. Add to tomatoes and pickles.
5. Mix in mayo until all is well coated.
6. Serve immediately. Soggy crackers – not good for a leftover.


Tomato Cracker Salad…  Don’t knock it until you try it!




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