Flipped Out Casserole Appetizers

Life is busy.  It’s busy enough with work, church, school, taking care of home, family, etc., but every now and again life gets REALLY busy.  Silly, stupid busy.  You begin to lose sleep and worry how you’ll meet all your responsibilities.  Even the ones you have imposed upon yourself, such as writing a weekly foodRead More

Be a Lady (Finger) and Eat Your Okra

The Story: Being a southerner means that most of us grew up eating very similar things, in particular when it comes to vegetables and preparation of food.  Most of the United States thinks all southerners fry everything and are overweight and unhealthy.  I won’t argue their point because we know in some cases this isRead More

Lettuce Live with Peas and Hominy

The Story:   We’ve pretty much spent the last several months focusing on flips – recipes that start out in some other variation or form – made over in a new way.  This week I decided to focus on the “making the old, new again” portion of our blog.   Hominy.  Most of us areRead More

Happy Sweet and Sour Stir Fry

The Story:   On Wednesday’s blog we featured Grumpy Man Foods and their delicious line of salsa’s and pepper jelly.  As promised, our flip today is using one of Grumpy Man’s products.  I chose their pepper jelly which has become my new favorite.   Thus far I’ve used it for a dipping sauce, jelly onRead More

Eat Mo Greens

The Story:   In an effort to provide recipes that are a bit more healthful, I needed a quick recipe to whip up for today’s blog because we are preparing for a small vacation starting on Thursday.  I decided to share my Spicy Collard recipe.  If you live in the southern US, collard greens areRead More

Teriyaki is Shogun Good!

The Story: Who remembers James Clavell’s, Shogun which aired on NBC in 1980? The miniseries aired five nights between September 15 and September 19, 1980. It starred Richard Chamberlain as John Blackthorne.  Between Shogun and The Thorn Birds, also a miniseries, every female in our house was hooked on Richard Chamberlain, including my mother.  IfRead More

Puerto Rican Possums and Tater Queens

    The Story:  As the great Louis Armstrong sang: “You say pah-tay-tow, I say pah-tay-tah, You say tah-may-tow, I say tah-may-tah, Pah-tay-tow, pah-tay-tah, Tah-may-tow, tah-may-tah, Let’s call the whole thing off!”   UNLESS you’re from southern Mississippi and its taters and maters.  Regardless of how you pronounce it, Thanksgiving brings forth the sweet potatoRead More

A Field of Onions

The Story: Growing up in southeast Mississippi, a common occurrence in early spring was the planting of the garden. My Dad, whom everyone called Pete, had the biggest green thumb around. If someone’s harvest didn’t produce as well or much, people came over to find if he had any for sell. He usually did andRead More