Let Them Eat Cake Pie!

The Story:   Recently we were discussing food items that we love but had not seen on a menu in ages.  Boston Cream Pie was one that we both brought up.  This got me to thinking that I needed to revisit this little jewel and give my hand a try at making one.  I willRead More

Puerto Rican Possums and Tater Queens

    The Story:  As the great Louis Armstrong sang: “You say pah-tay-tow, I say pah-tay-tah, You say tah-may-tow, I say tah-may-tah, Pah-tay-tow, pah-tay-tah, Tah-may-tow, tah-may-tah, Let’s call the whole thing off!”   UNLESS you’re from southern Mississippi and its taters and maters.  Regardless of how you pronounce it, Thanksgiving brings forth the sweet potatoRead More

Make Pie, Not War

  The Story: I’ve often thought many of life’s differences could easily be settled over a nice slice of pie and some coffee.  It’s hard to stay angry or disagreeable while eating a slice of your favorite pie.  Especially those that are still warm and gooey from the oven, like a good pecan pie.  Ummm…Read More