Cafeteria Memories

Unlike Cas, I attended a very small elementary school.  There were probably 200 kids in the whole 1-6 give or take a few.  I have many fond memories of elementary school days.  Some of my favorite teachers come from those times and a few set me on the creative path I am now living.  IRead More

It’s all in the bag….

It’s 8:30 in the evening after a banquet that I had to cover for the radio station. The first few times I did these events it was kinda fun playing radio guy and getting free food and such. After a few years and with 60 fast approaching, starting the day at 5am and finishing 15Read More

Candy for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!! On today’s episode we want to feature some ads from the past that deal with candy. The first one is from the Mars Company. Notice first of all the appearance of silent movie star Buster Keaton. Second, look at the size of this bar! It seems as if time has passed theRead More

Chicken Eugene and Mary Wilkinson Are Heavenly!

The Story:   Memories are one of life’s greatest and miraculous gifts.  In an instant, we are suddenly transported to a place and time or event and remember the sounds, smells and faces of that particular moment.  Even at 88 years young, my Mom can remember stories of childhood in vivid detail.   Once suchRead More


The Story:   You may have noticed there was no blog this past Sunday.  That’s because last Thursday we headed off for Orange Beach, AL.  If you’ve never been to that part of the country, it’s on the coastline below Mobile.  The Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area is pretty much a tourist area but the pristine,Read More

Why is John Hoppin’?

The Story: Regardless of where we all grew up, there are certain traditions of the area that have always been practiced.  I bet if you asked someone, they would probably not know the exact why behind the tradition and would respond with the customary, “It’s just something we’ve always done.”  So it is with eatingRead More

Flipping Over the New Year

Tracey is taking a week off from writing, so that allows me a chance to share a bit… We had a relaxing Christmas day. We loaded Mom in the car and did some travelling through the pine belt of Southern Mississippi. Got a chance to take her to some places that even at the ageRead More

Stollen Moments

The Story: December is dedicated to party foods here at Food Flippers.  Thus far we’ve shared great savory recipes, but today’s recipe is for the sweet tooth in us all.  What would Christmas be without a fruitcake?  I know, I know…they tend to have a poor reputation.  I am one of the fortunate few, itRead More

It’s a flipping party!

The Story: We have officially entered the time of the year I like to refer to as “holiday party zone.”  Between holiday potlucks at work, church, school and then family and friend gatherings, the whole month is stacked with party opportunities which mean one thing – many eating opportunities.  (We won’t discuss the calories orRead More