Green with Goddess

The Story:   Summertime is definitely upon us and it’s the time of year I beg off from cooking.  Heating the oven is like turning the air off and who wants to do that?  I begin looking for recipes that require little to no heat from the stove or oven.  Naturally my mind drifts toRead More

Flipped Out Casserole Appetizers

Life is busy.  It’s busy enough with work, church, school, taking care of home, family, etc., but every now and again life gets REALLY busy.  Silly, stupid busy.  You begin to lose sleep and worry how you’ll meet all your responsibilities.  Even the ones you have imposed upon yourself, such as writing a weekly foodRead More

Happy Sweet and Sour Stir Fry

The Story:   On Wednesday’s blog we featured Grumpy Man Foods and their delicious line of salsa’s and pepper jelly.  As promised, our flip today is using one of Grumpy Man’s products.  I chose their pepper jelly which has become my new favorite.   Thus far I’ve used it for a dipping sauce, jelly onRead More

Datil Be the Day

  The Story: We want to thank all of our readers and friends over the past four months of Food Flippers for reading, sharing and showing us love on this journey of good eats.  We started this as a way to share our love and passion for all things food and to have fun doingRead More