Cigarettes, Skillet Corn and Nanner Puddin’

The Story: We hope everyone had a great 4th of July celebration with lots of fun and great food with your family and friends.  Hopefully there was a cool spot to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy and maybe a nice tall glass of something to help stave off the heat of the summer. Now,Read More

Happy Easter from Food Flippers

As mentioned in Wednesday’s blog, we are taking the day off to celebrate Easter and spend time with Cas’ brother and his wife visiting from Arizona.  We wanted to take a minute to wish all our Christian friends a blessed Easter Sunday and all our Jewish friends a good Passover.  Make today count whether youRead More

Cheese Balls Are Grate!

The Story: We are now less than a week away from Christmas Day.  This month we have been blogging on party foods.  Don’t worry, come January we’ll be blogging on healthy recipes to work off some of these treats we’ve been noshing on, but for now, the party’s not over so today I want toRead More

Caramel Cake – It’s Whisky but Werth it!

The Story: You know the commercial for Werther’s caramel candies?  The one where the little girl is looking through the window of a candy shop while Christmas shopping and the chef is in view stirring a huge copper pot of caramel liquid? (see below) The candy is buttery and the perfect taste of caramel packedRead More

Everything’s coming up limencello

The Story: “I eat a hot grape from the market and the violet sweetness breaks open in my mouth.  It even smells purple.” This was a line written on a postcard by the leading character in the 2003 movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun” starring Diane Lane.  I had never heard of Frances Mayes the writerRead More

Stollen Moments

The Story: December is dedicated to party foods here at Food Flippers.  Thus far we’ve shared great savory recipes, but today’s recipe is for the sweet tooth in us all.  What would Christmas be without a fruitcake?  I know, I know…they tend to have a poor reputation.  I am one of the fortunate few, itRead More

The (Sausage) Ball’s in Your Court

The Story: It’s only Wednesday and the week has already been packed to the point that Food Flippers did not post our normal Wednesday blog.  Hopefully this easy flip will make up for it.  I’m already guaranteeing that it will! You can’t have the holidays or a party any time of the year and notRead More