Lord of the Onion Rings

The Story:   It all started last Saturday night while dining with some close friends.  We were trying out a new eatery (to us) and there was a wait.  As we were conversing, hoping our name would be called sooner rather than later, a waitress came walking out of the kitchen area to deliver someRead More

Why is John Hoppin’?

The Story: Regardless of where we all grew up, there are certain traditions of the area that have always been practiced.  I bet if you asked someone, they would probably not know the exact why behind the tradition and would respond with the customary, “It’s just something we’ve always done.”  So it is with eatingRead More

Putting on the Grits

The Story: I have spent much of the past ten years trying to convince Cas that grits are a valid and worthy food group.  While grits tend to be something people of the south truly love and still eat, grits are sold in other areas of the country.  Cas grew up in the Midwest, St.Read More