Colonial Custard with a Tart in the Dining Room

                                                 + The Story: Remember the board game Clue®?  It was my favorite board game growing up and I always wanted to be Miss Scarlet.  My version was from the 70’s andRead More

Stoke Your Passions with Cherry Cake

The Story:   It’s a brand new year and the perfect time to try new recipes.  Today’s blog features a classic recipe from the UK’s very own Mary Berry.  If you do not know who she is, check our blog  I have come to adore Mary and today’s recipe was one featured as aRead More

A Bit of Brit in Miss-a-sip

  The Story: If I could magically speak with a British accent, I’d make it so.  Cas and I have both long been Anglophiles, but it’s turned into a bit of an obsession.  I blame two factors:  Nigella Lawson and Mary Berry. Cas just drools over blames Nigella. I’m going to assume that most ofRead More